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stranding machine
date:2016/3/25 17:31:30 visits: author:deyang hongguang machine equipments co.,ltd


it is composed of pay-off stand,headstock,stranding rotor,cradle,supporting roller,wire die holder,brake,bearing stand,haul-off capstan device and take-up & traversing stand.


it is mainly used for manufacturing copper strand, aluminium strand, acsr and normal steel wire or rope. the rotor is supported by bearing. a clip brake is adopted for braking. the protection covers completely closed down. this machine is characteristic for its high speed, low noise and sensitive braking.

jlg-630 the rotor speed is very high,by adopting an iron casting base,the vibaation is thus reduced to lower noise;with a wide production range,it can strand s number of material as aluminum calded with steel,aluminium,steel and copper with its pitch reaching 40.07mm.

the take-up& traversing stand is easy for operation and traversing is relatively is convenient to load and unload bobbins at high speed.the machine is easily maintained without high cost.;

technical data

                 single wire dia.(mm)                      standing dia.      delivery speed      rotor speed

                        cu                al                 steel                 (mm)                  (m/min)               (r/min)

jg-630/12        φ2.0-3.5       φ1.5-4.5      φ2.5-4.5           φ35                 8.6-144.8               300


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