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copper wire drawing machine
date:2016/3/25 17:10:18 visits: author:deyang hongguang machine equipments co.,ltd

composition and specifications of main components

cantilever two-position pay-off stand, drawing machine proper, accumulator & tensioner, dual-spooler fully pneumatically driven, pointing & threading unit, and electrical control system.
2.1. drawing machine proper (straight row rapid bobbin-change)
2.1.1. die size: ø42×32mm (national standard)
2.1.2. type of finish die: rotary
2.1.3. die threading inching: 3 pedal switches with anti-reverse device
2.1.4. gearbox cooling and lubrication:
gear oil pump gbz-50, 3kw , 50l/min, 2.5mpa
heat exchanger: tubular cooler glc4-13 13m2, tubular cooler (horizontal layout)
2.1.5. cooling and lubrication for wire drawing:
screw pump: 3gr42×4a, 10.5 m3 /h, 5.5 kw
heat exchanger: gll5-40/0.63l, 40m2tubular cooler (vertical layout)
filter: slq-65, duplex barrels and net type, 0.4~0.6 mpa
water consumption: 1000 l/hr.
volume: 5.5 m3
2.2. automatic pneumatic dual spooler
2.2.1. max. diameter of finish wire: 4.5 mm
2.2.2. min. diameter of finish wire: 1.30 mm
2.2.3. max. take-up speed: 25mm/s
2.2.4. speed of bobbin-change: 6~12m/s (countering at preset length, error rate ≤3)
2.2.5. max. width of traversing: 460mm (traversing width to be adjustable)
2.2.6. max. pitch of traversing: 6 mm ( traversing pitch to be adjustable)
2.2.7. size of take-up bobbin: pnd500 or pnd630
2.2.8. power of motor for take-up: 22kw×2(dc)
2.2.9. mode of transmission for traverse: ac variable frequency plus screw
2.3. accumulator
length of accumulated wire
wire breakage detected
automatic stop upon wire breakage
tension control
max. 400n, regulated by air pressure from cylinder
pedal inching switch
1 no.
2.4. pointing and threading unit


diameter and rotation speed of pointing roller
110mm, 16 rpm
motor power
7.5kw, ac
range of rolling
diameter of drum



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