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aluminium alloy continuous casting and rolling line
date:2016/3/25 16:48:28 visits: author:deyang hongguang machine equipments co.,ltd

1. application

by means of continuous casting and rolling, the aluminum rod continuous casting & rolling mill is used to produce ec grade conductive aluminum rod in diameter 9.5mm or 12mm.

2. components

aluminum melting furnace, holding furnace, continuous casting machine, oil hydraulic shears, rolling mill, cooling system for casting machine, oil lubrication system, emulsion cooling & lubrication system, coiler, electrical control system.

3. brief process flow

aluminum ingot → melting furnace→holding furnace→ continuous casting machine→oil hydraulic shears → continuous rolling mill → coiler → aluminum rod

4. main technical data

4.1. diameter of casting wheel:          1500 mm

4.2. type of casting machine:             in two-wheel type

4.3. cross sectional area of cast bar:  2420 mm2

4.4. rolling type:                               in three-roller type

4.5. number of rolling pass:                15

4.6. nominal diameter of roller:            ø255 mm

4.7. outlet diameter:                          ø9.5, ø12 mm

4.8. main motor power:                       250 kw

4.9. max. final rolling speed:                6.2m/sec.(for ø9.5mm rod)

4.10. max. output capacity:                 4.2t/hr

4.11. coiling diameter:                        ø1000mm~ ø1800 mm

4.12. bundled weight:                          2 tons (for ø9.5mm rod)

4.13. total installed power:                  350 kw

4.14. overall dimensions:                    29×7.2×4.5m

5. technical data of each unit

5.1. continuous casting machine

5.1.1. cross sectional area of cavity of casting wheel: 2440mm2

5.1.2. rotating speed of casting wheel: 1.6~3.3 rpm

5.1.3. motor power:                              3 kw

5.1.4. cooling water pressure:               0.35~0.5 mpa

5.1.5. max. cooling water flow:              100m3ph

5.2. oil hydraulic shears

5.2.1. max. shearing force:                   20000 kgf

5.2.2. max shearing stroke:                  65 mm

5.2.3. shearing speed:                         6 sec/time

5.2.4. motorized hoist type:                  cd1 -0.50

5.2.5. lifting weight:                             500kg

5.2.6. oil pump type:                           cb-32

5.2.7. oil pump motor:                         y132m-4, 7.5kw, 1440rpm

5.2.8. temperature of sheared bar:       450-550

5.2.9. cross-sectional area of cast bar sheared: 2420 mm2

5.3. continuous rolling mill

5.3.1. type:                                       three rollers in y arrangement

5.3.2. transmission ratio between two neighboring stands: 1:1.25

5.4. oil lubrication system

5.4.1. 4m3 oil tank:                              1 no.

5.4.2. oil pump 2cy-12/0.33-2:             1 set

5.4.3. filter slq-50:                             1 no. (duplex)

5.5. emulsion cooling & lubrication system

5.5.1. emulsion pump is100-65-200:      2 sets (one at work, one for stand-by)

     max. flow:                                     100m3ph, working pressure: 5kg/cm2

5.5.2. chiller:                                       bb0.3-1.0-45, 45m2, 1 set

5.5.3. filter:                                        glq-100, 1 set

5.6. coiler

5.6.1. motor for coiling:          2.2 kw

5.6.2. motor for trolley:          2.2kw

5.6.3. trolley traveling speed: 0.75mps

6.  mechanical and electrical integration

6.1. dc motor of z4 series from well-established chinese manufacturers;

6.2. bearing for main transmission from timken, a well-known american manufacturer;

6.3 main oil seals from chinese high quality product;

6.4 plc original from siemens;

6.5 dc speed regulator original from siemens;



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