scrap aluminium rod continuous casting and rolling line-凯发备用

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scrap aluminium rod continuous casting and rolling line
date:2016/3/11 14:39:16 visits: author:deyang hongguang machine equipments co.,ltd


it is composed of pay-off stand,drawing machine,wire accumulator,dual take-up(or coiler),wire pointer & stripper,vapour generator and electric control system.

properties horizontal and tandem construction,modular combination simplifying the equipment on assembly and installtion.

2.driven by double motors to realize fast die-change.

3.a helical gear transmission of high efficiency with low noise.

4.a fully immerging emulsion system to ensure an effective cooling and lubricating for wire and dies.

5.a unique guiding wire mechanism to ensure the drawing quality of wires.

6.continous double drawing to realize a high degree of automation and a high efficiency


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