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scrap copper continuous casting and rolling line
date:2016/3/11 14:39:16 visits: author:deyang hongguang machine equipments co.,ltd


it is made up of the melting shaft furnace & holding furnace (or reverbertory refining furnace), five-wheel casting machine, automatic shearer, straightening machine, polishing machine, rolling mill, lubrication system, cooling and de-oxdation unit , take-up device and electric control system.

technical specification:

this copper rod continuous casting and rolling line takes both copper scraps or  copper cathode as the feedstock to produce copper rod in 8mm diameter, with annual capacity varying from 6,000 to 12,000 tons:
accroding to the different kinds of production material(copper cathode or copper scrap),we can equip with different kinds of copper treatment furnace to produce etp rod and frhc rod separately.
the continuous casting machine has been awarded the patent right(patent no. is zl200720079542.8). crystallizing wheel is in type of "h", on every side of which there is an adjustabe nozzle sparying water to ensure the crystal of the cast bar close and equal. the pneumatic system is used for tightening steel belt, easy for adjusting.
the continuous rolling machine has a function of automatic feeding and rods stacking stop. with an unique rolling method conbining 2-high rolling stand with 3-high rolling stand, the copper rod is provided with a good mechanical properties.
the main transmission system is in type of dc motor full-digital speed adjusting. by adopting plc and man-machine interface, it can control the host and the assisting parts in type of complete line interaction. also it can check and display the running parameters of machines as well as indicate the breakdown.

ul z- 3500/8 255/14                           

outlet rod dia.(mm)                           

φ8.0 φ12.5 φ16 φ20                                     

crytallizing wheel dia.(mm)                                    


casing bar section(mm2)


production capacity(t/h)


final rolling speed(m/min)


no. of rolling stand

coils weight(t)


main motor

 480kw 750r/min

roller's dia.(mm)


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