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upward continuous casting machine for oxygen-free copper rod
date:2016/3/11 14:39:16 visits: author:deyang hongguang machine equipments co.,ltd

1.upward continous casting machine basic parameters:

1)       production capacity:      8000t/yearly capacity

2)       casting rod dia.:

          ø8mm,ø12.5mm,ø14.4mm,ø17mm, ø20mm,ø25mm copper rod        

3)       hauling speed:    

           ø12.5mm, ø14.4mm, ø17mm, ø20mm       500-700mm/min

4)       casting rod pitch:                     2-8mm/pitch

5)       casting rod quantity:

          8 pcs of ø8mm copper rod can be produced by using electrolytic copper,while 10pcs by using red copper

          12 pcs of ø12.5mm, ø14.4mm, ø17mm copper rod can be produced by using electrolytic copper or red copper

6)       rising or falling speed:                  60mm/min

7)       supply pressure of cooling water:         0.2-0.3mpa

8)       quality requirement of cooling water:      ph=7-8.5

9)       automatic liquid level tracking sensitivity:   ±3mm

 2.take-up basic parameter:

1)       power of coiler:   1.1-1.5kw

2)       speed of coiler:   ø8mm                               4m/min

          ø12.5mm,ø14.4mm,ø17mm ,ø20mm    2m/min

3)       diameter of coil:  ø800-ø2000mm

4)       weight of coil:    2-5t

3.chinsese standard of up-casting oxygen-free copper rod:

1)       oxygen content:         ≤20ppm

2)       conductivity:            100-102lacs

3)       tensile stretch:          ≥35%

4)       tensile strength:         ≥170n/mm²

5)       specific resistance:      ≤0.017241(soft state)


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