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mr feng, general mamager, chief enginer, graduated from sichuan university of science and engineering, has always been working in the wire and cable machine industry for more than 20 years, he has been leading the company well and exported all machines to russian federation, vietnam, malaysia, india, iran etc.





mr kong xiaopeng, vice general manager, administration engineer,  graduated from sichuan university of science and engineering in 1993, he had been working in sichuan polyester co., ltd. till 2010. from then, he joined in deyang hongguan machine equipments co., ltd and has worked as vice general manager.



contact: phone:mr feng 13881045888,mr kong 18981050262
tel: 86-838-2916152, 86-838-2901066
fax: 86 838 2901066
email:[email protected]
address:no. 23, taihu road, deyang, sichuan, china
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